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Travel to Monterrey

Daniel and I finally arrived in Mexico after spending longer at a layover in LAX than actually flying. OMG. 4 hours. Customs was a breeze minus the continuous explaining of what were the presents for. You try hand gesturing for “wedding” with one hand because you don’t know the word in Spanish. Pamela and her sister Anabel surprised us inside the airport. So incredibly sweet!!!

No Scuba! Back to Manila!

There are restrictions about diving and flying. There has to be at least 18 hours between your last dive and your flight. Due to this, we couldn’t dive on our last day in Padre Burgos. We had a wonderful breakfast and I had the great idea to walk to town. […]

Scuba Scuba!

I woke up with a cough, and I was too worried to go scuba diving. I was able to eat breakfast with the boys and see them off. I stayed in to do some blogging and to catch up on uploading photos. I just didn’t feel right about diving while […]

First Day in the Philippines!

Its officially 12 am in the airport and Daniel and I have to find his brother and his mother. My phone turns on and starts to work, thankfully, and we start emailing. Of course we didn’t have his moms number. Daniels brother was coming in on another flight sometime around […]