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Scuba Scuba!

I woke up with a cough, and I was too worried to go scuba diving. I was able to eat breakfast with the boys and see them off. I stayed in to do some blogging and to catch up on uploading photos. I just didn’t feel right about diving while […]

Beach Sleeping

Because you can’t actually hear me, “So this is a beach in Rhodes. It’s just a little bit windy… just a little. This is it.” I’m a great videographer! You know you’re having a good day when the hotel manager asks if he needs to call a doctor for you…

Sick Travels

For the past couple days I have been popping Vitamin C tablets like they are candy. They are chewable, so they taste nothing like candy and are actually pretty gross. I have been trying to ignore the congestion in my chest, sore throat, cough, and slight fever. Today was pretty…