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I found Sean in the Philippines!

Today we started bright and early. Err we tried to. Mike, Daniel, and I made it to the business district of Manila, Makati. We met up with their dad, TC at the famous Makati Shangri-La hotel. It was absolutely beautiful. We didn’t stay long. We headed across the street to, […]

Thessaloniki Tourist

Thessaloniki gives off the feeling of a small city, yet is known to be Greece’s second city. The locals are very friendly. The people of Thessaloniki love their pastries almost as much as I do, and that’s saying something! I do have a sweet tooth. I had a conversation with…

A Day in NYC

After a night’s sleep, well just an hour, my nerves were non-existent. We were officially NYC bound. Sweet Jon drove the 6 hour journey to Beacon Station. Riding the train along the Hudson River to Grand Central was exciting, allowing the tension and enthusiasm of New York City to build…