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OIA Town

Our class took a bus ride to OIA town, just north of Fira.  The bus was jam packed with people.  We were literally standing on top of each other.  I was so happy to finally arrive at the town.  ‘Hercules’, ‘Lonely Island’, and ‘Lonely Island Baja Edition’ gave a presentation on Santorini.  It was a really hot day in Santorini, scorching.

OIA Town

It was amazing we were able to do any sketching with all the heat.  It’s hard to find a nice spot in the shade to sit, with a view.  After a couple hours in the heat it was time to head down to the water.  Too bad the hike down to the water took 30 minutes in direct sunlight.  The swim felt perfect.  The water was cold and couldn’t have been better.  I saw around until my cuts started burning.  It was officially time to get out.   The walk up the steps was much worse than the walk up.  It seamed to get hotter when I was in the water.  We were passed 2 women on donkeys.  They told us for only 5 Euros we could have gotten a ride.  They said it was well worth it.  It was funny when we passed them as they were trying to convince the guy to take them all the way up.  Apparently, 5 Euros was only for half way up.  If any of us had any energy, we would have giggled.

Beautiful Santorini

We took the bus back to Fira.  We all managed to snag seats back, thankfully.  The bus filled up rather quickly. It was straight to our favorite gyro shop.   This shop has had the best gyros we have had in all of Greece.  It was well worth the wait.  Yummmm!!! My mouth waters just thinking about it.  Due to avoiding heat stroke, a nap was in order.

Santorini Hotel

We didn’t have a family style dinner, because everyone ate late on their own.  We met up at Tropical Bar for drinks and dancing.  We ended the night on a happy note.

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Perriann Hodges

I am not an author. To be quite honest, I always hated English class. I write so I may share my experiences and remember the man I met on a bus who treated me to dinner with his family, paying and booking a hotel only to find out its out of business, fake crying in the Athens airport to get a ticket home, or remember the strangers who looked out for me on a bus. Some live, experience, and are fulfilled by what’s in their backyards. I find there is something truly exhilarating about cramming as many possessions into a bag as possible, only to complain you brought too many. This is my life out of a suitcase, hope you enjoy.

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