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Scooter Crash

Because were in Greece, the Greeks don’t celebrate a holiday just on one day.  The celebration is through out the weekend.  Very early this morning they started shooting off cannons. Out of any way to wake up, I’d say that takes the cake. By 8:30am I was at the local café trying to find internet to post to the blog 5 days worth of info and tell my mother I’m a-okay.  No internet.  Guess I will just flood my blog one day.  Hopefully my mother can hold on another day without contact.  Sorry mom!

I find it ironic I wrote all of ^^^^^ before we wrecked. *smirk.

Spetses is a romantic island. Its rolling hills beg to be ridden, the sidewalks plead for a stroll, and its atmosphere is full of what city designers strive for.  The sidewalks and pathways are intricately detailed with different colored rocks.  These rocks make up their sidewalk patterns of octopuses, simple parallel lines, and anchors.  They really are beautiful to look at.  My luggage doesn’t think the same, because they are not flat.  I’m actually pretty positive my luggage is pissed at me.

Beautiful Spetses (an hour or so before the crash)

Okay Okay Okay.  I will get to what everyone is wondering about, The Scooter Wreck.  I think I am going to have to come up with another name.  We all named our scooters, ours was called the White Lightning.  I am going to have to change it to the White Crasher or something. I shall ponder for later….

My cut up hand! New watch destroyed ;/. So much for having nice things. Greece give it, and Greece take it away.

So after having breakfast and typing, I went back to the hotel where I ran into ‘The Closer’.  We decided to go for a ride before heading to Hydra.  Everyone else was still asleep, and we had a couple hours.  We toured the area, stopping at 3 different beaches.  It was a pretty easy going ride.  He drove the whole way.  At the last beach I decided to put my camera in the seat compartment because I knew I wouldn’t be taking anymore photos on the ride back (good thing I did too!  I probably saved my camera.)

Imagine an easy going left turn, an easy right turn, and then a hard left.  We didn’t make the hard left.  He took the turn too fast, and we drifted out.  We were riding the side of the road for maybe 10 feet, hitting brush.  He couldn’t pull it back and we went off the road.  He lunged off the bike towards the road (like superman).  I fell and hit him, sliding across the asphalt.  My leg was pinned under the bike.  I vividly remember opening my eyes seeing his face, his left hand, and pieces of his glasses on the asphalt.  He immediately jumped up to make sure I was okay, and lifted the bike off my leg.  We made sure we were both okay, assessing the damage.  He felt horrible for what had happened, but honestly we were okay.  Lots of scratches and cuts, but ultimately okay.

I wont show you the road rash… but thats how big it is. It oozes, and no one really wants to see that.

I pocketed the mirror to the scooter in my purse, and we were on our way (slowly) back into town.  The ride in was very easy going.   We tried to meet up with the rest of the group, but they were already on their way to Hydra.  We found a local pharmacy to pick up band aids.  After we cleaned up, we went to access the damage on the wallet.  We took the bike back to the rental shop.  It ended up being 360,00 Euro. (540 dollars) Ouch!  The bike was mostly protected in the fall because it hit brush and was on my leg.

Road Rash Leg…. Its shinny because of the Neosporin 🙂

I have the scooter mirror as my souvenir from Spetses! I asked the shop owner if I could get it, and he said, “Its yours, you bought it!”

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Perriann Hodges

I am not an author. To be quite honest, I always hated English class. I write so I may share my experiences and remember the man I met on a bus who treated me to dinner with his family, paying and booking a hotel only to find out its out of business, fake crying in the Athens airport to get a ticket home, or remember the strangers who looked out for me on a bus. Some live, experience, and are fulfilled by what’s in their backyards. I find there is something truly exhilarating about cramming as many possessions into a bag as possible, only to complain you brought too many. This is my life out of a suitcase, hope you enjoy.

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