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Singing at the Theater of Epidauros

Our first stop of the day was to the Theater of Epidauros.  It was almost an hour away by bus.  Its no wonder the theater is so famous!  Its beautiful and has the best acoustics.  There are no microphones needed.  Can you imagine sitting 45 rows up and not needing a microphone or speaker?  On the stage itself, one could stand in the center and talk normally to have everyone in the audience hear.  Just the simple idea sounds crazy.  It is the form, materials, and ingenious design that allows all of this to be possible.  If I were a singer, my dream would be to preform there!  It is still a working theater.

Me at the theater. Obviously.

As I said before, a small group presents at each site.  This one is definitely going to be a hard one to follow. ‘Honey Bee’ and ‘Mermaid’ got the whole group to help them with a performance on stage.  ‘The Saint’ got up first to be their announcer.  Imagine this voice that would make a boxing match announcer jealous mixed with a fake Greek accent.  He did great announcing, “Can I have your attention please.  Palo Kalo.  Palo Kalo[please].  Introducing the ladies from International Damage to sing for you today.” The rest of International Damage were their back up singers.  They turned the songs lyrics of Summer Nights ( information about the stage and its history.  We never practiced and were just handed a script.  It seamed to go very well.  Did I mention ‘Honey Bee’ and ‘Mermaid’ were wearing togas and a tree branch wrapped around their head?  Adorable! People were asking to take pictures with them.  ‘Mermaid’ is a seasoned performer while ‘Honey Bee’ is quite the opposite.  I believe they did fantastic, and not just because they had the rest of the group as back up singers. What they did took major guts.

Feeding the dogs!

Later that same day, we went out for seafood.  Because we are such a big group, we get offers when walking down to find a restaurant.  The restaurant we stopped at offered us free wine.  It is actually cheaper for them to give us wine, than soda.  That still blows my mind!  Octopus, shrimp, pasta, and tzaiki were just a few to name.  Due to the free wine, we may have gotten a little rowdy.  ‘The Closer’ ended up spilling his full glass of red wine on me.  The girls immediately jumped up and started cleaning it off.  All the guys, just passed napkins.  They salted my dress to absorb it, watered it down, and patted it dry.  Yep, I called it a night shortly after.

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Perriann Hodges

I am not an author. To be quite honest, I always hated English class. I write so I may share my experiences and remember the man I met on a bus who treated me to dinner with his family, paying and booking a hotel only to find out its out of business, fake crying in the Athens airport to get a ticket home, or remember the strangers who looked out for me on a bus. Some live, experience, and are fulfilled by what’s in their backyards. I find there is something truly exhilarating about cramming as many possessions into a bag as possible, only to complain you brought too many. This is my life out of a suitcase, hope you enjoy.

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