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Kalampaka over Athens ANYDAY

My first bus ride with everyone!!! Yes, finally have someone to talk to on a five-hour bus ride. The big plan was to walk to the metro, ride to the bus station, and ride to Kalampaka.  But the metros were on strike so we all had to take taxis.  The bus made one pit stop after an hour and a half.  We had 10 minutes to jump off and buy some food.

Kalampaka at Sunset

Arriving at Kalampaka was like nothing I had ever seen before.  We were all staying in a small village outside of Kalampaka called Kastraki.  It was a 7-minute ride by taxi to the hotel with Rodgiro.  Everyone else decide to hoof it uphill in 100 degree weather. It was sooo worth the 2 Euros I spent on the ride, not to walk.  Everyone else loved the walk.  Our hotel has one of the best views.  Of course I could say that in most of the hotels.  It feels that in every place I go to in Greece, it just keeps getting better and better.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but I always think it cannot be enhanced.  Yet, then it does.  Its like Greece is having a competition with itself.

Im in Kalampaka

Kalampaka is home of the Monasteries.  They really have an amazing story.  They are built on these rocks up in the sky.  There is no other site like this in the world.  No words can truly describe the amazing view and experience it is to see these.  There were 24 built, however due to time, World War 2, and the Turks, only six remain. Its sad that they aren’t all around, but the ones that remain are extravagant. The way the site interacts with the Monasteries and the Monasteries interact with the site is indescribable. I feel like no true words can give it justice.  The pictures taken even seam to dull downs the experience.

Beautiful Kalampaka

The stories associated with the Monasteries are even unbelievable.  They would scale the sides of these GIANT rocks to get to the top.  They would puncture holes in the side to build these latters.  These latters didn’t always align, so they would jump from one to another.  Some buildings would take over twenty years to pull up the materials for, but only 20 days to build.  That idea is incredible. I wish I had a superior word, but I’m not sure it exists.  I highly recommend to travel here.  It is unlike anything I have ever seen.

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Perriann Hodges

I am not an author. To be quite honest, I always hated English class. I write so I may share my experiences and remember the man I met on a bus who treated me to dinner with his family, paying and booking a hotel only to find out its out of business, fake crying in the Athens airport to get a ticket home, or remember the strangers who looked out for me on a bus. Some live, experience, and are fulfilled by what’s in their backyards. I find there is something truly exhilarating about cramming as many possessions into a bag as possible, only to complain you brought too many. This is my life out of a suitcase, hope you enjoy.

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